The battle cries are just echoes now, the dust has settled and the crows are feasting. The fight is over, and only a handful of fierce warriors are still alive to tell the tale. Glory awaits to those brave enough to keep fighting, for the Battle of Bucharest has its finalists! During 3 days, 128 duels and 26 team matches (total of 208 rounds) were fought in the qualifying rounds of the first Mount & Blade live esports event. That’s an approximate total of 125 hours of combat, more than 5 days – as a comparison, that’s like 15 Battles of Hastings or 5 Battles of Grunwald fought one after another!

Four teams of five warriors and eight individual duelists made it through the qualifiers and are ready to fight for the honor of being the winners of the Battle of Bucharest, which will be celebrated on May 20 in PGL Studios. Apis Europae Black, Castellans, Aequalitas and Unity are the four semi-finalists in the 5 vs 5 category – they will match their strengths to decide who is the best squad in what will be a battle for the ages. In the Duel category, Mark “M” Glasspole, Jordan “Gibby” Gibson, Edwin “Bloody Death” Schwentner, Maxime “Maximou” Lasquellec, Pierre “Peter” Lecler, Aleksi “SotaMursu” Hakanen, Matthias “Motthe” Klemen and Brian “Brian” Hébrant will clash their swords to find out who is the best individual warrior of Calradia. And to commentate every move, every attack and every parry, Kral “Greedalicious” Naess and Lisa “Purzelblume” Hellert will be our heralds – the official commentators for the finals of the Battle of Bucharest. Check below for their info and bios to learn more about our finalists and casters!

The Battle of Bucharest is almost here. Honor and glory await the victor, but only one team and one duelist will make it to the very end… When the dust settles again, who will still be standing? Don’t miss the Battle of Bucharest on May 20 at [time of the finals]! Watch the finals here




Commentators For The Finals:

Karl “Greedalicious” Naess

My name is Karl, also known as Greedalicious. I grew up in a small town in Norway, and I’m one of the few remaining competitive Norwegian players in the Mount & Blade: Warband community. I’ve been playing this game since release in 2010 and most of that time has been spent playing competitively. I’ve been a captain and commander (shot caller) for teams, primarily for Wolfpack, a team I founded 7 years ago. When my internet improved I took the opportunity and began streaming live matches and tournaments. By now I’ve become one of the main providers of competitive Warband content.

Lisa “Purzelblume” Hellert (also competed as part of the “Hounds oF Hell” team, narrowly missing the finals)     

Hej, my name is Lisa. Nearly 4 and a half years ago I joined the Mount & Blade: Warband scene with the alias “Purzelblume” – as my name and accent hints, I am from Germany. After defeating all Calradia in Singleplayer, I joined the multiplayer community and played for ImB, Aquila, Wolfpack, Teutonic and now Tranquility. I was always interested in tactics, so I started watching streams, talking to commanders and tried out commanding teams myself. One day Captain Lust asked me to co-cast with him on MB_tv and I instantly felt my passion for it. Since then I streamed with Captain Lust, Volcom and BladecastTV. Now a dream comes true: TaleWorlds Entertainment offered me to cast the very first LAN-Tournament of Warband at the side of Greedalicious. Let’s bring Warband to the next level, together let’s enter the area of eSport!




TEAM (5 vs 5)


Apis Europae has been a dominant team in the Warband competitive scene for years, collecting numerous accolades and driving the meta-game forward. Not only are they represented in the Team category, but 4 of the 8 duelists competing are part of the AE family.

For the Battle of Bucharest they split into two teams, “Black” and “Yellow”, but when the two met in the second round M’s boys took a decisive 7-1 victory, leaving Apis Europae Yellow to watch on the sidelines as their clanmates go for gold.

Mark “M” Glasspole

Pierre “Peter” Lecler

Sebastian “Shemaforash” Ritschewald

Paul “Razer” von dem Knesebeck

Jordan “Gibby” Gibson



Castellans are a team whose core has changed in recent times. After OGL, their former leader, transferred to Apis Europae, the Castellans roster was bolstered by SotaMursu and his friends from former teams.

Despite arguably having the most difficult run to the finals, Castellans ripped through their quarter of the bracket to earn their place in Bucharest. Their meeting with Apis Europae Black in the semi-finals is sure to excite.

Engin Can “Nomes” Karabacak

Raúl Blanco “DarkLight” Martinez

Otto “relakstronkest” Vaněk

Luke “Anchor” Trott

Aleksi “SotaMursu” Hakanen



A German outfit and potential underdogs in the finals – Aequalitas have a lot to prove but shouldn’t be ruled out of contention; they made qualification for the finals look like a breeze and boast a roster of true veterans.

Hannes “Gaius” Damhorst

Christos “Spada” Kouloris

Alexander “blauer delfin” Rost

Matthias “Motthe” Klemen

Luca “Unicorn” Hartmann



From the ashes of several great clans in the history of French competitive Warband emerged Unity, a team built on a simple motto “one goal – the victory” (a quote from their enigmatic clan leader Paulo, who is currently retired from the first team).

Arguably Unity’s most defining feature is the partnership of brothers Brian and Thorr, who are renowned for their performances in 2vs2 melee fights, capable of working together in perfect synchronisation to devastating effect. Their aggressive and unpredictable style makes Unity a team to fear.

Brian “Brian” Hébrant

Cyrille “Subzer0” Coquillé

Kevin “Thorr” Hébrant

Franklin “Caius” Stock

Maxime “Maximou” Lasquellec


DUEL (1 vs 1)

(From Qualifiers)

Mark “M” Glasspole

Don’t let the simplicity of his name fool you; M has arguably the most refined dueling technique in the game. Year after year, M continues to take wins and high placements in duel tournaments and turned the meta on its head when he put down the greatsword to duel with a spear, something many of his opponents still don’t know how to handle.

Even outside the game, M is a master of showcasing his talents in a series of superbly edited videos tracking his progress through multiple online tournaments.

Jordan “Gibby” Gibson

A young and quickly rising talent in the Warband scene. Coming many years later than the established professionals, Gibby has worked hard to reach the top and was recognised for his achievements when Apis Europae snapped him up for their roster.

At 17, he potentially holds a reaction-time advantage against some of his opponents. This could be crucial at LAN, where adrenaline will run high and the outcome of any duel can be decided in a fraction of a second.

Edwin “Bloody Death” Schwentner

A born killer, with a reputation for merciless pressure in-game. To fight Bloody Death is to experience all of your physical and mental capacity pushed to its limit as his ferocity takes over.

More famous for his abilities with a Sword and Shield than his two-handed dueling, but impossible to rule out of the competition; he will have to defeat some of his clanmates if he is to lift the trophy.

Maxime “Maximou” Lasquellec

Maximou triumphed over a challenging bracket in the qualifiers, meeting fellow teammate Brian and Apis Europae Black player, Shemaforash on his route to Bucharest. Having overcome such odds, he is battle-hardened and ready for the finals.

With two chances at glory, both individually in the Duel category and with Unity in Team, Maximou will be doing everything it takes not to go home empty-handed.



(From Nominations)

Pierre “Peter” Lecler (Apis Europae Black)

Considered by many to be the greatest natural talent the game has ever seen, Peter is adept at playing all classes, fast and creative in his playstyle. He has won duel tournaments in the past and although he lost out to Gibby in the qualifiers, nobody can doubt him as a serious contender to come back and win in Bucharest.

Aleksi “SotaMursu” Hakanen (Castellans)

An incredibly successful leader with a deep understanding of competitive Warband on a mechanical level. SotaMursu has taken many good players and coached them into greatness but now it’s his turn to compete as an individual.

Matthias “Motthe” Klemen (Aequalitas)

Motthe is an infantry player who can asset control over a team-fight and tear through multiple enemies in seconds. Although he was unable to attend his qualifying duel, he has secured the nomination of his team for a second-chance at the trophy.

Brian “Brian” Hébrant (Unity)

One part of the Brian-Thorr fraternal duo so famous for their ability to operate in-sync and overwhelm their opponents with coordinated and aggressive play. Brian will have to take this fight solo but anyone who knows his talents will surely take note of his presence in the bracket.