Lisa (Purzelblume)

Hej, my name is Lisa. Nearly 4 and a half years ago I joined the Mount & Blade: Warband scene with the alias “Purzelblume” – as my name and accent hints, I am from Germany. After defeating all Calradia in Singleplayer, I joined the multiplayer community and played for ImB, Aquila, Wolfpack, Teutonic and now Tranquility. I was always interested in tactics, so I started watching streams, talking to commanders and tried out commanding teams myself. One day CaptainLust asked me to co-cast with him on MbTV and I instantly felt my passion for it. Since then I streamed with CaptainLust, Volcom and BladecastTV. Now a dream comes true: TaleWorlds Entertainment offered me to cast the very first LAN-Tournament of Warband at the side of Greedalicious. Let’s bring Warband to the next level, together let’s enter the area of eSport!


Karl (Greedalicious)

My name is Karl, also known as Greedalicious. I grew up in a small town in Norway, and  I’m one of the few remaining competitive norwegian players in the Mount & Blade: Warband community. I’ve been playing this game since release in 2010 and most of that time has been spent playing competitively. I’ve been a captain and commander (shot caller) for teams,primarily for Wolfpack, a team I founded 7 years ago. When my internet improved I took the opportunity and began streaming live matches and tournaments. By now I’ve become one of the main providers of competitive warband content.